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Fantastische GLOW IN THE DARK behang met kroonluchters van INSTABILELAB uit Italie.

Simple, impressive, who dictates the law in this paper is the light. Light as visual effect, the light as object or shape that issues it, the light when this is missing... Magically, when turn off the lights, LIGHT+LIGHT will continue to issue the light, but only at certain points. Discover them!

The wall will glow in the dark thanks to a phosphorescent paint, applied by hand on the luminescent points of the wallpaper. Expose the painted portion to a natural or artifical light. This paint absorb and store energy and release that energy in form of bright light and glow in dark envirorments for hours (from 20. to 2 hours), according to the exposure time. Possible irregularities in the luminiscent parts are not flaws to be qestionable but prerogatives of handcrafting. 

Choose between two colour: yellow and sky blue.

Printed on plain wallpaper in stripes of width 68 cm.

Delivery time around 2 weeks after approval simulation.

Price € 110,00 per m2.

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